Seasonal Properties




Your seasonal property is a valuable asset.  Just like your home, it’s important to protect your investment with insurance. You should note that seasonal property insurance works a bit differently than insurance for your primary home.


How’s it used?

How the seasonal property is used and how often it is occupied will dictate which insurance packages would protect you the best. How much time do you spend there? Do you use it year-round? Do you rent it out at some point during the year? The answers to these questions are important when you are considering what type of coverage to purchase for your seasonal property.

Coverage for your Seasonal Residence

The type of policy for your seasonal property will depend upon several factors, but a quick call to your insurance broker can help you. 

Coverage on your seasonal property usually includes the building, personal contents and personal liability.  All these coverages are important to protect you and the property which you have worked so hard for.

Contact us today and your broker can provide you with the details.